Working Together

How I work with my wonderful clients (you!) ensures that you and I will have a great working relationship. Here are the basics:


For all self-publishing projects, I work with a straightforward Design Agreement which clearly spells out our responsibilities as author and designer. It is quite simple but also important in our establishing a working relationship that is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Once we have determined my design fee, one half of the fee is due along with the signed agreement before I begin work. The other half is due when the book is completed and before I send you the final high-resolution PDFs that will go to the printer.

My fee – I do not have a “one-size-fits-all” fee. My fee is determined largely by your degree of readiness going into the project. Some of you will have everything in order and really need me primarily to lay out the materials provided where you’d like them to go and create a fabulous design. Others of you are starting from scratch and will need considerably more help. A simple questionnaire will help determine the cost of your project and our direction; please request this form to get started.

WorkingTogether-ZnZAll Other Projects

For most of these projects, we will discuss your design needs through e-mail, sometimes phone. Payment is due with your final approval and before I send you the final, high-resolution PDF for press. For projects requiring over 5 hours work on my part, we will utilize a Design Agreement following the self-publishing guidelines described above.


I will be happy to get a quote for printing your project and help you get it to press if you do not wish to handle this yourself for a nominal fee of $75. This is in addition to my design fee and the actual manufacturer’s cost of printing and shipping your project. All costs will need to be covered before I proceed with online ordering.


I am currently using PayPal exclusively as you may use all major credit cards or your own PayPal account. ** You do NOT need a PayPal account to use it! **  You can use any major credit card of your choice through their site.